1.5 Hours
All Ages

Dolphin Watch TOUR

Come see the newly remodeled Murphy’s Law! The perfect boat for a South Padre Island Dolphin Watch tour!

Enjoy a one and a half hour half South Padre Island dolphin watch aboard the Murphy’s Law and see bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. You will also have the opportunity to see local and migratory birds. The U.S. Coast Guard Station, Boca Chica beach, and the South Padre Island Jetties are also part of the tour. During the Eco-Tour Dolphin Watch, we will drag a specialized net along the bay floor. Sea life captured during the Eco Tour will be brought on board and viewed up close. At the end of the Eco Tour all sea life will be returned to the bay.

You must make your Online booking a minimum of 48 hours prior to departure. Otherwise please call 956.761.4752 to make your reservation.

Kids 2 and Under Ride Free
We Are Pet Friendly

Dolphin Watch TIMES

SUNSET CRUISE (Sun – Wed) 7:00PM – 8:30PM


Sightings of Atlantic bottlenose dolphin are frequent year-round in South Padre Island.  Captain Murphy’s Isla Tours can transport you to the natural environment of these wonderful creatures, with a few added features.  The most common dolphin watch cruise is the standard Dolphin Watch. One hour and a half in duration, this excursion offers you a brief tour of the Laguna Madre and provides a glimpse of the bottle nose dolphins in its natural habitat.

Isla Tours offer a combination Dolphin Watch and Eco Tour on South Padre Island. This tour is an extended Dolphin Watch Tour that includes a shrimp net being dragged behind the tour boat.  The contents of the net are emptied into a live well located on the deck of the tour boat. Trained marine professionals will educate you on the day’s haul of marine life and allow you and your family to get an up close look at the creatures beneath the water’s surface. The marine professional will return the collected species, unharmed, back to their underwater homes and you will continue on your way to the dolphin sighting areas of the bay.

South Padre Island Dolphin Watch
Isla Tours dolphin watch
Captain Murphys Eco Tour
South Padre Island Dolphin Watch
South Padre Island Dolphin Watch
South Padre Island Dolphin Watch